2023 MLR LooseHeadz Ambassadors

In partnership with LooseHeadz, the official mental fitness partner of the MLR, 31 Major League Rugby players and coaches volunteered to be LooseHeadz ambassadors for the 2023 season.

The LooseHeadz mission is to place a mental health lead, “LooseHead”, at every rugby club around the world, and provide them with a toolkit of resources to support players’ mental fitness.

In honor of Mental Fitness Month, Major League Rugby, USI Insurance Services and LooseHeadz, will take part in Mental Fitness Webinar. Panelists Will Hooley, Jake Turnbull, Kevin Swiryn, and Craig Doyle will speak from experience to share their thoughts on mental health, and how the corporate community can draw parallels from the rugby community.

2023 MLR LooseHeadz Ambassadors

Player/Coach Name
Rugby ATL George Barton
Rugby ATL
Wikus Groenewald
Rugby ATL Seth Purdey
Seattle Seawolves Mzamo MAjola
Seattle Seawolves Peter Malcolm
Seattle Seawolves Jake Turnbull
Seattle Seawolves Dewald Donald
Old Glory DC Gardy Lebon
Old Glory DC Ben Cima
San Diego Legion Ryan Gallop
San Diego Legion Will Hooley
Chicago Hounds Dacoda Worth
Chicago Hounds Mark O’Keeffe
Chicago Hounds Hugh Roach
Chicago Hounds Kaitlyn Kelly
Toronto Arrows
Michael Sheppard
Toronto Arrows James O’Neill
Toronto Arrows Neil MacDougall
NOLA Gold Luke Campbell
NOLA Gold Kevin Sullivan
New England Free Jacks Conor Keys
New England Free Jacks Mike Rogers
Tesimoni Tongauiha
Utah Warriors Paul Mullen
Utah Warriors Joey Backe
Utah Warriors John DuPree
Dallas Jackals
Danny Christensen
Dallas Jackals JP Aguirre
New York Ironworkers James Semple
New York Ironworkers Sam Windsor
Houston Sabercats Christian Dyer

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