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OVAL3 MarketPlace is Live

OVAL3, the exclusive fantasy NFT Partner of Major League Rugby, has launched the OVAL3 MarketPlace. Right now, you can buy, sell, and trade official MLR digital player cards in the OVAL3 MarketPlace. In the future you can play and win.

The official Oval3 Fantasy NFT game is hopeful to launch in June, where fans can collect digital MLR player cards, to use in an global immersive fantasy gaming experience.


Each day 150 cards from MLR and other international rugby leagues will be added with the following ratio of rarity levels available:

105 Limited Cards
32 Rare Cards
10 Super Rare Cards
3 Unique Cards

When a card is added, there will be 48 hours of bidding.

A total of 300 cards will be available in the marketplace at a time.

There are 100 limited edition, 20 rare cards, 5 super rare cards, and 1 unique card per player.

Note: Not all versions of a player’s card will be added to the marketplace at once. Cards will be sold according to their demand.

Minimum Price for a card is based on rarity:
Limited Cards: $1
Rare Cards: $5
Super Rare: $20
Unique: $50


These digital cards are for collecting, trading and selling. Once the fantasy game launches, fans will be able to use these digital cards to play.

Build Your Team: To play, you need a five-player lineup of the following:

1st card: 1st row (hooker or prop)
2nd card: 2/3rd row (lock, flanker, 8)
3rd card: Half (scrumhalf or flyhalf)
4th card: Back (center, wing, fullback)Build Your Team using cards in your collection.
5th card: Extra (any position)

Select Your Players: Points are related to the actual player performance stats during the match.

Statistical points are based five attributes:
Impact: 0 to 100 (starter, minutes played, penalties, cards)
Attack: 0 to 100 (passes, defenders beaten, meters made, clean breaks, try assist)
Defense: 0 to 100 (tackles, restarts, jackals, interceptions)
Skills: 0 to 100 (kicks, offloads, lineouts)

The player’s Global Score is calculated by the 5 attributes (Impact, Attack, Defense, Skills, Strength), and each statistical attribute carries a different weight depending on the position.

For example, the Strength stats for a front-row player weigh more than they would for a wing.

The tries and kicking points of each player will also be counted.

Try Points:
1st player try = 15 points
2nd player try = 10 points
3rd player try and + = 5 points

Kicking Points: Equivalent to real points obtained in a match 

Total Score of a player’s card = stats score + real points

Rarity: Each player has cards of different rarities (limited, rare, super rare, unique). The rarity level allows you access to specific leagues. The rarer the card, the high the league rewards.


To bid on a player card, you need the crypto-currency: MATIC

  1. Go to the OVAL3 website and click “enter the marketplace” in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Log in with your email address
  3. Fill your MATIC wallet with a credit card via ramp (shown in the video)


  1. Go to the OVAL3 website, log in with your email & enter the Marketplace.
  2. Click “Authorize Bidding” at the top right corner of your wallet.
  3. Click “Swap to bid” and exchange your MATIC for wMATIC. You must keep MATIC to pay the transaction fee (a few cents) and have wMATIC to bid.
  4. Choose your favorite cards and bid by clicking “Bid” and entering your bid amount. Note: There are no transaction fees when you bid. Your funds are not locked in. This is a promise to buy.
  5. When another user outbids your bid, you must enter a new bid at 1.1x (+10%) of the current bid. Note: There is no maximum bid amount.
  6. During the last minute of an auction, once there is a new bid, one minute is added to the sale.
  7. At the end of the auction countdown, the transaction will be approved if you are the highest bidder and you can see the card directly in your OpenSea account.

No action is required for users who do not win auctions. The wMATICs remain intact in their wallet.

Your players are visible in “My Club,” and you can trade them on the secondary market.

Visit the OVAL3 Marketplace



If a player changes teams, does their player card still work in the Fantasy Game?

Yes. The card will always be linked to the individual player ID. No matter what team the player is playing for, the player’s stats will be provided and the card can still be used in the OVAL3 fantasy game.

Do the player cards work year to year? For instance, if a fan buys a player card for a player this season and that player plays the following season, does their card work in the fantasy game?

Yes. There are no limitations in time for the use of the player cards.

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