Major League Rugby Signs Partnership with OVAL3

OVAL3, the Global Web3 company will be league’s exclusive Fantasy NFT Partner

Paris/Dallas, (February 23, 2023) OVAL3, the brand specializing in Web3 and fantasy rugby, today was announced as the “Exclusive NFT Fantasy Game” of Major League Rugby (MLR). MLR – North America’s premiere rugby league – began its sixth season on February 17. By acquiring the exclusive NFT and Fantasy licenses of MLR, OVAL3 plans to provide world-class immersive experiences and Web 3.0 engagement to rugby’s rapidly-growing North American fanbase. 

Since 2017, Major League Rugby has experienced growth in every key metric and the league continues to attract new fans to the sport year over year. With the 2031 (Men’s) and 2033 (Women’s) Rugby World Cups awarded to the U.S., the sport is poised for unprecedented North American attention in the years to come and OVAL3 is committed to supporting MLR and its fans for the long term.

OVAL3 will take key learnings from its experience in fantasy rugby globally, most notably with the French Rugby National League (LNR), to create MLR’s first ever official fantasy game. This will provide fans and gamers a unique and immersive experience that will link rugby to NFTs and address the codes of today’s gaming on a “Play & Own” model.

“We are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with our fans and invite new people to our exciting game” said Nic Benson, Major League Rugby CEO. “This partnership with OVAL3 is key to that initiative, and to our efforts to position MLR among the most forward-thinking sports properties in North America”

The official MLR Fantasy NFT game is expected to launch at the midway point of the 2023 MLR Season. Future plans will give gamers and fans the ability to build their teams with players from both the French and American leagues. OVAL3 is paving the way for an unparalleled gaming experience, allowing more freedom of choice and strategy for different users. They are already in advanced negotiations with several other major rugby leagues to join the project.

“We are very proud to have been chosen by Major League Rugby. After the Ligue Nationale de Rugby (French professional league), this is the second league to join us, validating our concept and confirming the relevance of our project. Our ambition is to sign, in the near future, new leagues, not only in Europe but also on other continents, in order to offer a never before seen and ever richer experience,” said Tony Bouquier, OVAL3 CEO. 


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